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Psycho Killer in Salem: CCTV Footage Shows Another Killer While One is Already in Custody

Psycho Killer/ Representation

Psycho Killer verdict in Salem turns path with new killers on the list.

Psycho killer in Salem has been talked around the city for months for killing the old age people in the night. Threatened by the assault, Salem aged people are already in the phobia of Psycho young man. Following the case, Salem police have unveiled a new deal regarding the serial killing, and it made people be at the extreme shock.

Speaking further, Salem Police Commissioner Senthil Kumar said that the Salem Corporation had recently launched a serious investigation into the murder of three elderly persons and that they had found important clues about the psycho killer involved.

At Salem, a mysterious person has killed an old man by throwing stones at the head of an elderly man sleeping in a private tire shop. These were reported on CCTV from the area. The police were investigating the CCTV footage.

Another old man was found dead around a shopping mall near an old Salem bus stand, and CCTV footage showed images of the same as the murderer.

But now, it is found that the Psycho killer in Salem involved in the nab of old aged men seems to be more than one. Yes, a man wearing a black T-shirt has been found in the CCTV footage of the crime site and cleared the doubt of the nabber.

Already one man has been arrested by the Salem Police out of the Suramangalam murder case, but the investigations worked out no result. But recent investigation unveiled the path for another Psycho young man to add in the killer list. With all the results, Municipal police officers claim that more than one person is involved in the assault, taking the case to the next level with new killers in the suspicion list.

Psycho Killer in Salem: CCTV Footage Shows Another Killer While One is Already in Custody