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G V Prakash Kuppathu Raja Shooting Ended

G V Prakash Kuppathu Raja Shooting Ended

Actor-Music Director G.V.Prakash played in a lead role in the latest released movie “Naachiyar”. The pretty love shown in this movie received many compliments from Tamil Audience. Following this, G.V.Prakash is currently acting in 10 films. Among these, 4G, Ayangaran, Sema, Adangatha are the movies under post-production work.

In addition to that, Kuppathu Raja, 100% Kaadhal, Sarva Dhaala Maiyam, Rettai Kombu, Karuppar Nagaram are the movies currently going in full swing and the actor is busy in wrapping up these movies.  Also, the actor is working in Director Adhik Ravichandran’s untitled movie. Among these movies committed by G.V. Prakash, shooting for “Kuppathu Raja”, directed by Baba Baskar has been completed just now. Recently, the movie team has unveiled a group photo in social media confirming the shooting end. It has taken about one and half years to complete the shooting because of many interruptions in the shooting schedule. Following this, the movie crew is involved in post-production work. Through this movie, the dance director Baba Bhaskar is debuting as Director. In this movie, G.V.Prakash paired up with Poonam Pajva and Palak Lalwani who is a Telugu actress to debut in this movie as a Tamil heroine.

R. Parthiban, M S Bhaskar, Yogi Babu, Jangiri Madhumitha were the other important characters acted in “Kuppathu Raja”. This film was produced by Saravanan M, Siraj S on behalf of S Focuss company. The movie is now scheduled to be released in May. G V Prakash himself composed music for this movie.

G V Prakash Kuppathu Raja Shooting Ended