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New Comer Naachiyaar Actress Ivana Gets Warm Welcome

New Comer Naachiyaar Actress Ivana Still, Image credit-B Studios

Bala's Naachiyaar is receiving showers of appreciations from all sides. There are full of positive reviews on the social media pages for the film. They laud Bala has given and crispy solid content movie with light hearted climax. GV Prakash had given award winning performance in the film.

Bala's new find Ivana had come out with extraordinary performance as a teen age lover of GV Prakash. The girl's performance is being lauded by every audience and critics throughout the movie. Ivana as Arasi is a house maid has the expressive eyes and shines as Arasi in the film. 

There is an unexpected twist in the interval block. Ilayaraja had rocked in his background score throughout the movie with nothing more or less than what script demanded. As per the reports, though it has the different screenplay than usual Bala's movie, some scenes will make audience cry. 

GV Prakash was lauded for his best performance ever in his career. He rocked in both comic and emotional moments.

Here are some of the celebrities' reactions over the film.

New Comer Naachiyaar Actress Ivana Gets Warm Welcome