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TN Govt Regulates Theatre Parking Rates: Vishal Shared

TN Govt Regulates Theatre Parking Rates

Apart from various controversies faced by Vishal after filing nomination in upcoming RK Nagar by-election, the actor is delighted to share this message. It is all about parking charges in Tamil Nadu theatres. 

Tamil Nadu government had regulated parking charges for Car - Rs 20, two wheeler - Rs 10 and free for cycle.

"Delighted to share this Good News !!! TN State Govt regulates Parking rates in Theaters.... Car - ₹ 20 2-wheeler - ₹ 10 Cycle - Free," Vishal tweeted.

Vishal's nomination for RK Nagar by-poll was put on hold saying various reasons including the doubt of his signature and bank accounts. He gets opposition from various political leaders for standing in this election.

TN Govt Regulates Theatre Parking Rates: Vishal Shared