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Vishal Lashes Cheran: Talks between their team failed!

Vishal Lashes Cheran Protest Against Him

After Vishal filed nomination for RK Nagar's by-poll Cheran lashes Vishal to get away from Producer Council President post. He said the present office bearers have not done anything for the council welfare. Producer, director and actor Cheran is making in-house agitation against Vishal demanding his resignation. Meantime producer Gnanavelraja had resigned his secretary post saying that he is contesting in distributors' election. 

Cheran said as a Producer Council President Vishal's entry in politics seems to get oppositions from various political parties. This producer Council is totally dependent on the government more over Vishal has not done anything for this council for last 8 months.

Replying to the media about Cheran's agitation, Vishal said there is no law the president of producer council cannot stand in the public election. He also added if Cheran continues his protest they would be taking severe action against him.

Meantime election commission had put Vishal's nomination file on hold raising doubt in his signature and saying there are no proper bank statements. DMK and ADMK members are raising voice against Vishal and commanding him not to stand in this by-election.

As per latest report- Vishal supporters talk with Cheran side had been failed. Cheran continues his protest and wants Vishal to arrive there.

Vishal Lashes Cheran: Talks between their team failed!