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Rajinikanth Announced 2.0 Movie And Kaala Release Date

Rajinikanth Announced 2 Point 0 Movie And Kaala Release Date

Rajinikanth in today's fans meet spills beans about his upcoming mega budget sci-fi thriller 2.0 and Pa Ranjith directing Kaala. Shankar's magnum opus 2 point 0 is in full-swing for completing the VFX works and Rajinikanth told it will hit theatres on 14th April 2018. 

On the 5th day of fans meet, he remained his guru legendary Balachander who had introduced him and told him to learn Tamil. He said he was not sure the film like 2.0 may happen in future. The film will be like that and it will be released on 14th April. 

Meanwhile Rajinikanth says he will be seen different in Kaala. He had never done role before and fans might not seen him like this onscreen. Rajinith had given me different character. This movie will release 2 months after 2.0 release. It may release on June end or July 2018.

"I am not sure what is my plan after 2.0 and Kaala, it lies on the hands of God. Fans' prayers had bought me back from the dangerous situation in Singapore," Rajinikanth stated.

He also talked dreaming about the future is good but working hard in good way to achieve it is more important. On the final day tomorrow Dec 31st, fans and entire state is looking for his announcement about his political stand.

Rajinikanth Announced 2.0 Movie And Kaala Release Date