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Rajinikanth Speech On 3rd Day Fans Meet

Rajinikanth Speech On 3rd Day Fans Meet

As 6 days long event, Rajinikanth is meeting his fans till Dec 31st. On 3rd day today, Rajinikanth is with his fans in Raghavendra Hall and spoke to them. Madurai fans visited him today and getting ready to take a snap with him. While speaking at the event, Rajinikanth said "Madurai is known for braveness and I wanted to serve you with meat, but here in Raghavendra Mandapam Non-vegetarian is not allowed."

He also requested his fans not to bow down in his feet. He advised "There is no need to touch others feet except God, Father and Mother. Do not bow down for the person with money, fame, power and others".

On the first day he said "Today there are several media and there are also negative things growing around. Negative thoughts and memes in the social media are vast. We have to ignore the negative thoughts on social media and be positive. Take care of your family, educate your children and focus on positive things."

There are lot of speculations circulating over his political announcement. The entire Tamil Nadu is waiting for his political announcement on Dec 31st. On the first day he said He will announce about his political stand on the final day of fans meet.  

Ahead of his political announcement, dubbing started for Kaala yesterday on Knack Studios, Chennai. Pa Ranjith and his team began the dubbing for the film. Hope superstar will join them next week.

Rajinikanth Speech On 3rd Day Fans Meet