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Nadigar Sangam Did Not Accept Ponvannan's Resignation: Vishal Statement

Nadigar Sangam Did Not Accept Ponvannan Resignation

Nadigar Sangam's Vice President Ponvannan's resignation is not accepted by the association till now. During the press meet yesterday on the head of President Nasser, Vishal told Nadigar Sangam did not accept his resignation. Ponvannan is given time to reconsider his resignation. 

He also added they have spoke to Ponvannan on the phone. He said Ponvannan will appear in front of the media and answer questions and make formal announcement. Vishal had described his situation to him and SIAA had given him time to reconsider and continue his term as Vice President. 

Actor Manobala who is active in Nadigar Sangam also said they will not allow Ponvannan to go. Ponvannan's resignation is the shocking news for all members in the association. 

Ponvannan had mentioned the reasons of his resignation in the letter given to Nadigar Sangam. But they are not interested to allow him go out. Vishal is doing all needed steps to get him back. To be noted, Vishal's recent political entry announcement is not liked by several celebrities including in his own film industry. We have to wait for any twist in the nadigar sangam's controversies.


Nadigar Sangam Did Not Accept Ponvannan's Resignation: Vishal Statement