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Vishal Requested TN Govt To Give Top Priority To Save Fishermen

Vishal Requested TN Govt To Give Top Priority To Save Fishermen

As per the report, thousands of fishermen are missing from Kanyakumari district and people are continuing their protest demanding Tamil Nadu government to find their loved ones very soon. The lost fishermen families and children are looking for their father, brother and son to see them live. 

The rescue team found 45 Tamil Nadu fishermen near Lakshadweep and they were taken to Cochin. Indian coastal guard said they are safe and soon will reach their home. But huge are missing still and this makes everyone saddened. 

Kollywood celebrity GV Prakash yesterday called Chennai people to support the fishermen who started protest demanding Kanyakumari fishermen's safety. Following him, Vishal who was busy with RK Nagar contesting issues, came forward to voice for fishermen. He requested TN government to give top priority to find the missing fishermen. His full statement is below.

"I am Obliged to inform the People of Tamilnadu that,

I decided to Contest in R.K.Nagar By-Election on my own and without influence of any Political Party or any individual whatsoever, but only with pure intentions to Serve the People from the bottom of my heart.

The rejection of my nomination paper was totally unethical & unjustified and the events that followed are there for all the People of Tamilnadu to see and understand that Democracy has been buried to ground.

In this hour, there are much more bigger issues like Kanyakumari Fishermen issue for us to Support and Concentrate on than me contesting in the By-Election.

I request the State Government to give Top Priority in this regard to find the Missing Fishermen. Let us us all join together to lend a helping hand to search and bring back the lost Kanyakumari Fishermen to their families and loved ones.

I thank all the good hearted people in RK Nagar, across Tamilnadu and across India including the Press, the Police, the Advocates, Political Leaders, My Fans, Friends, Family and all Well-Wishers who supported me and stood by me. I will continue to Serve the People and Fight for Democracy and will return to Politics in Full Swing.

Thank You....God Bless us All...!!!


Vishal Requested TN Govt To Give Top Priority To Save Fishermen

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