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Kodi Veeran Releasing Today: Sasikumar Tweet

Kodi Veeran Releasing Today

Sasikumar acted and produced Kodi Veeran is all set to hit theatres from today. Directed by super hit Kutti Puli and Komban fame Muthaiah, the movie is rural action entertainer that has the brother-sister sentiments. The co-producer and Sasikumar's relative Ashok Kumar killed himself due to high pressure from financier Anbu Cheziyan.

Kutti Puli actor Sasikumar took his twitter handle and paid tribute to Ashok Kumar. He stated "His love before and tragedy after his death will zeal me on my path"

Kodi Veeran has Raghunanthan music, SR Kathir visuals, Mahima Nambiar, Sanusha, Bala Saravanan, Poorna and Pasupathy in key roles. The movie is releasing in almost 400 screens today in the state. We will be updating here about the live audience tweets over this movie. 


Kodi Veeran Releasing Today: Sasikumar Tweet