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Sasikumar Kodi Veeran New Trailer

Sasikumar's Kodi Veeran New Trailer

Sasikumar produced and actor rural action entertainer Kodiveeran is scheduled for Dec 7th release which was earlier set for Nov 30th. The team had released a new trailer where the sisters' dialogues are sharp as knife. 

Red card issued to Kodi veeran resulted in the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar. This made the whole film industry into shock and grief. The team sorted out the issue and finally it is for release. 

The new trailer seems to be very energetic and director Muthiah comes again with village based script after the successful Kutti Puli, Komban and Marudhu. Kodi Veeran has Mahima Nambiar as Sasikumar's sister and opposite party are Pasupathy his sister Poorna. The film is based on brother and sister relationship. First time Poorna is doing negative role in this film. 

Produced under Company Productions, music composed by N. R. Raghunanthan and SR Kathir cranked the camera.

Sasikumar Kodi Veeran New Trailer