Kamal Haasan Condolence To Ashok Kumar 's Family And Friends

       Published : Nov 23, 2017 09:52 IST    
Seenu Ramasamy Supports Financier Anbu Cheziyan Seenu Ramasamy Supports Financier Anbu Cheziyan

The veteran actor and upcoming politician Kamal Haasan conveyed his deep condolence to late Ashok Kumar's family and friends. He also added "this horrible usury should be controlled by law and film industry that vastly affected poor farmer to cinema people. There should no more deaths like Ashok Kumar. My deepest condolence to his family and friends."

Several celebrities including Vishal had strongly condemned financier Anbuchezian who was the reason of Ashok Kumar's suicide. While talking to media yesterday at Madurai he said "Ashok Kumar's death should a final one due these illegal financiers. Anbuchezian is freely roaming because of the support of the minister. We will not be leaving ministers or officers who are supporting him. He should be punished for. Though there are several cases on him he is set free. Proper action should be taken against him. We cinema people are taking film by borrowing money from these financiers but we are paying the interest rates properly. Despite Ashok Kumar was been threatened and they pushed him to death."

"கந்துவட்டிக் கொடுமை எழை விவசாயி முதல் பணக்காரர்கள் என நம்பப்படும் சினிமாக்காரர் வரை ஆட்டிப்படைப்பதை சட்டமும் சினிமாத்துரையும் தடுத்தாக வேண்டும். திரு. அசோக்குமாரின் அகாலமரணம் போல் இனி நிகழவிடக்கூடாது. குடும்பத்தார்க்கும் நட்புக்கும் கலைத்துரையின் அனுதாபங்கள்.," Kamal Haasan tweeted.


Kamal Haasan Condolence To Ashok Kumar 's Family And Friends

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