Usage Of Marijuana Among Indians Had Increased Recently

 Usage Of Marijuana Among Indians Had Increased Recently

Usage Of Marijuana Among Indians Had Increased Recently

Increasing 'Bongh' culture in India.

A hidden smile can be found in some reader's face while sighting the name 'Bongh', who captures the meaning of the word within a matter of second. Some may found its hard to recognize the word, for those it can be explained in various Indian languages like Ganja, Charas, Marijuana. Now they could be able to recognize the word well.

According to a recent survey, every nook and corner of India have the supply of Marijuana illegally. The word 'Illegally' founds indigestible for some readers while Tobacco products are legalized in India. Well, it's not the concept here. 

What is Marijuana? and Where is it from?

Cannabis Sativa, a weed herb from ancient India was grown back from 2000 BC. Marijuana is the another name for Cannabis Sativa. The plant was mentioned in the books of 'Veda' period as 'Soma', an intoxicating ritual drink. The book called 'Rigveda' praised Marijuana as lord of plants. Some Hindu ritual books refer Marijuana as a medicinal plant. In North India, the plant was considered as sacred because the plant was under regular consumption of lord Shiva. The plant was consumed all over India for ages.

After many centuries, in the colonized India Portuguese and the British got introduced with Marijuana. But the EIC started a case study over cannabis for the first time and stated that the excessive consumption of cannabis leads to various psychological problem. After the Independence India government had ordered the banning of cannabis but left exception for the ritual purpose. Now in modern India Cannabis was legally used in many states like Odisha, Uttarkhand, and Assam.

Other states have banned cannabis completely for individual use. Still it can be seen people in the state like Odisha and Uttarkhand smoking Marijuana in 'Chillams', a small pipe like tool used for the consumption of marijuana made of either metal or mud.

Even though the plant was in use from 'Veda' period it was banned by the Indian government. The use of marijuana is also widely spread in the world's great countries but they too have banned it. Recently some countries like USA getting legalizing the cannabis is to be noted. 

Why it was banned?

Though it was an ancient stuff, the scientist found some drastic change in human behavior after the consumption of marijuana. Some of them are1) Red, Blurry and Blood shaded eye.2) Consent mucus filled rough cough.3) Dizziness.4) Rapid Heartbeat.5) Poor thinking ability and problem solving ability.6) Loss of self control7) Loss of appetite.8) Poor memory.9) Final stage of continues usage is addiction.

The marijuana mainly affects the brain, it consist of Delta-9-THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC passes rapidly in to blood stream and makes the THC receptors to active to it that induces in slow reaction timing. This make the human brain to revolve in continues motion of confused state. Results in external problems like public disturbance, gone in self destruction mode, and some time induces the bad ideas and experiments. Hence the government of many countries banned the use of marijuana.

In India, some Indians consider it as sacred, some consider it was fun but the use of marijuana was still happening under the table. Some people growing the plant in terrace for self use. Some people making Mission Impossible action sequences to get the stuff from illegal vendors. Some get caught red handedly to the police.

The use of marijuana mostly hits the college students of India. The culture of Bongh was spread widely in past five years says a report. Many accidents are happening after the over consumption of the drug reported by the police department of many states. Another reason for the ban in India may be, in case the illegal trafficking of the stuff results in loss of huge revenue to the government.  

Usage Of Marijuana Among Indians Had Increased Recently