Even India Has A Secret Society 2000 years Ago

 Even India Has A Secret Society 2000 years Ago

Even India Has A Secret Society 2000 years Ago

Do everyone know about the secret society of ancient India.

There are many secret societies believed to be following and preserving some ancient secrets in the modern world. Some people say those societies are ruling the world's terrific governments from underground, most of them are vanished and most of them are reappeared and creating evil happenings in the earth.

Some are well known to the world like Illuminati, Freemasons, The Skull and Bones, The Knight Templar, Rosicrucian and the list goes on. But why the ancients formed a secret society? What they are preserving are some hard questions arising still in the minds of people. 

Some people in India are questioning that, India is also a super power and one of the nations with vast historical tales, why India doesn't have any secret society? Whether India didn't have any mystical secrets to preserve? If all these questions were asked to an historian, the Indians get a positive answer to their question.

Obviously, India too has an ancient secret society and they are still preserving mystical secrets of ages. (From here, every paragraph you read below is the theoretical graphing of Indian historians about the ancient Indian secret society)

Roughly around 2000 years and ago, whole of India sub-continent except Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka was ruled by a Mauryan Emperor 'Ashoka' who was the grandson of emperor 'Chandraguptha Maurya'. The source from history says the Mauryan dynasty possessed the vast army which performs tactical war art in the battle fields. One of the well known wars from that period was the drastic Kalingan war which was happened between present Orissa and Madras. The Mauryan kingdom had defeated Kalinga Kingdom which resisted the vast rule of Mauryas at that time. The war was marked by the history that the soldiers of emperor Ashoka would have been killed more than 1,00,000 Kalingan soldiers and 1,50,000 were deported in the end of the war. 

But what is the connection between the Indian secret society and this war? In fact every secret society in the world had formed after an historical blood shade on their soil. After the mud in the battle field tasted enough blood in the Kalingan war, Emperor Ashoka felt guilty started walking towards peace.

Ashoka believed the peace will remain forever, only if he prevents the involvement of human minds on the evil things especially on destruction. He planned to gather all science knowledge from every peculiar part from the past and decided to keep them away from the reach of evil minds. So he summoned nine unknown men with great mind and unique talents from his dynasty. He delivered the orders to collect every detail from every science field like Modern warfare, psychological war, natural science, composition of matter, etc. Only the nine men were allowed to study and make experiments on science and technologies.

For some security reasons the identities of those nine men were kept secret for ages because Ashoka believed, if this powerful information fell in the wrong hands it will lead to a complete chaos. Still now the generation chain of the nine unknown men preserving the knowledge of great power across centuries. Historians are still trying and still failing in searching the blood line of those nine unknown men. But the fact is every secret were once born to reveal itself when time comes. 

Even India Has A Secret Society 2000 years Ago