Let Us Create A Firewall Against The cancer

 Let Us Create A Firewall Against The cancer

Let Us Create A Firewall Against The cancer

A survey states, in India there will be 8.8 lakh cancer death in 2020. The raising mortality rate in an alarming speed.

Doctors have diagnosed 17.3 lakh new cancer cases in the end of 2016 which seems increased in the year 2017 too. The breast Cancer in female and the Mouth Cancer in male had lightened up the list. Lung Cancer is the second with 83,000 male and 31,000 female. Cervix Cancer is the third most and the Tobacco use cancer had a better contribution in the list up-to 30%. But the survey statement of ICMR says only 12.5% people had appeared for treatment in the earlier stage.

There are more than 100 type of cancers in the world among them 5 of the most diagnosed are Breast, lung, Stomach, Esophagus and Cervix around the world. In India, cancer is mostly diagnosed between the age group of 30-69 caused due to some common activities like tobacco, unhealthy diet, physically inactive and exceeded amount of alcohol usage. About 1 in every 5 person been diagnosed with cancer. 

But, what is cancer? What is the reason for its cause?

At first cancer is not a disease which come from outside, it is within us, within everyone. The uncontrollable proliferation and growth of cells is known as cancer. The lifestyle, behavior and environmental exposure are the three thing mainly related in the cause of cancer. The normal cells which respected for a normal growth, division and death. When the cell stops its normal function suddenly, cancer will be induced in that part of the body, due to the above reasons. Unless normal cells, the cancer cells won't die, instead it grows uncontrollably and divides in unpredicted speed. This leads to an abnormal mass of cells in a particular part.

Usually cancer cells won't notify you about their presence and proliferation for a long time. When the time comes, when it proliferated to certain amount, you will get a small wave of symptoms from it. Some of them are 

Persistent cough for more than a month with blood stained mucus.Change in bowl habits, like continuous bowl movement often shows up with diarrhea.Blood in stool.Anemia where its cause can't be explained.Breast Lump with often discharge of blood from one nipple. Lumps in testicles.Frequent urination with slower flow or with less amount.unexpected wight loss.Headaches.Back and pelvic pain.Bleeding while urinating.Night sweat or fever.

Most important cause of lung, mouth, and throat cancer in Indians are mainly due to the high level use of tobacco products either it is smoke or non-smoke. According to WHO 1 in 3 of cancer is preventable. There are treatments for cancer but we have a choice to not get the cancer attacked.

The adaption of lifestyle and unusual habits are some main reason for cancer. Thought there are no prescribed health diet for cancer be preventive of getting yourself obese with junk foods and unhealthy food habit. Quit smoking and using of tobacco and its products. Be positive and be physically active.

Make your own cancer free lifestyle. Encourage the affected person with love and some little care. Stay positive and make them positive with words like YOU CAN and WE CAN.      

Four Basic Important Things Prevents From Any Disease Including Cancer

1. Basic Exercise (fast walking, jogging, laughing therapy, etc..)

2. Increasing the intake of Vegetables and Fruits rather than mere carb foods.

3. Exposing to sunlight to get the direct benefit of sun.

4. Avoiding packed foods, soft drinks, chat foods, bakery items, white sugar, polished rice, etc.

Let Us Create A Firewall Against The cancer