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Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

The Oral care is being the great challenge facing by the people of present generations. We would like to say simple and real fact on tooth or oral care. We people should first stop brushing using toothpaste. It is the main reason being the cause of most problems in out mouth. The most important second point is the teeth should be cleaned at night.

The simple ways to follow

1. Clean teeth at night.

2. Do not use tooth paste, instead use homemade tooth powders made of clove, mint leaves, neem leaves and salt (crystal or mountain salt).

3. Goggle mouth luke warm water added with crystal salt which has the capacity to destroy the germs & bacteria.

4. Goggle with sesame oil every night that destroys the germs and takes away hidden food pieces in the mouth.

5. Use Neem tree stem or Nayuruvi plant (stem or root) to brush the teeth

6. After cleaning the teeth, massage the Gums gently.

7. If you are using tooth brush, apply the brush in vertical cleaning (up and down) not horizontal. 


Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath