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Nayurivi Root For As Brush and Tooth Powder - Prickly chaff flower, Apamarga

Nayurivi Root For As Brush and Tooth Powder

Achyranthes Aspera Linn is the scientific name of the India prickly chaff flower that was widely seen at road sides and farms throughout tropical and sub tropical regions. This is also known as Apamarga. Its Tamil name is Nayuruvi which was described by siddhas as the powerful herbal.

All parts of the plants including root, seed, lead and flowers are used as the medicine to cure even dangerous diseases. There are two types of Apamarga one is read and other is white. It is widely used to treat kidney disease and stones, wounds, fat reduction, cough and cold.

The root of the plant can be dried and powdered and used as the tooth powder. The root itself can be used as tooth brush that makes our teeth bright, free from odour and anti-bacterial. It is highly effective treating piles, spleen enlargement, heavy menstrual bleeding, obesity, eye disease, blood purity, eye disease, migraine, poisonous bites, skin problems and many more. This medicine should be avoided during pregnancy. 

Regular use of this powder and brush makes teeth and gums strong and healthy. This herb is non-toxic and can be used by any person. It makes the teeth brighter, reduces tooth bleeding and cavity free.

Using Apamarga or Prickly Chaff Flower Stem and Root for oral care

1. Take thick stem of apamarga and remove all leaves.2. Wash it and use as Tooth brush to clean teeth.3. (or) Wash fresh stems and dry in shade to remove moisture. 4. The dried stem can be stored for future use. 5. Just soak these stems in water few hours before use.  6. Fresh roots of apamarga can also be chewed frequently. 


Nayurivi Root For As Brush and Tooth Powder - Prickly chaff flower, Apamarga