Whether Gun Proliferation Of America Be Controlled
Florida protesting for Gun control in USA
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Whether Gun Proliferation Of America Be Controlled

To stop a Bad Guy with a Gun, It takes a good Guy with a gun. Words of Wayne LaPierre, head of National Rifle Association.

The head of National Rifle Association thrashed the Anti-Gun advocates for exploiting the Florida tragedy. He shouted the recent school shooting is been politicized to erode the gun rights of America that was constitutionally guaranteed. 

After the death of 17 kids by the bullets of an AR-15 in a High School at South Florida, protest and rallies are been conducted by students and social activists across America. The protestors protesting against the government to enact a complete gun control in the United States of America.

Wayne LaPierre, the chief of National Rifle Association of America which is one of the biggest gun seller of America had given a speech about the Gun control measures at the annual gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference. He said that government should immediately harden the securities of the schools because in the recent times the schools around the USA have become as soft targets than a bank or a jewelry store to anyone.

LaPierre accused the Anti-Gun advocates that they don’t have any care about the schools and kids of America. But according to them they don’t need the Second Amendment that protecting America’s firearm freedom. They want to eradicate that amendment, so they can eradicate all individual freedom of American people. He said to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun. The NRA will recheck the buyers background like age, mental health etc.. said LaPierre.

This speech of conference came on light on the very next day of the Trump tweet. The tweet that portraits the NRA is more patriotic to their country than any other person. 

Before that Trump shouted for upgrading teachers of the American Schools with Guns to stop the intension of a killer who got a plan of entering a school. He also assured the protestors who are protesting for gun control that the age limit for assessing a gun by legally will be raised and the sales of some assaults rifles that possess the capability of firing more than hundred rounds a minute will be chopped off from selling. 

Is this the gun control law, the survivors of Florida shooting protesting for, really?

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