USA Tightened The Economic War Over North Korea

       Published : Feb 24, 2018 13:49 IST    
USA Economic Warfare On North Korea. Image credit- Donald J Trump facebook USA Economic Warfare On North Korea. Image credit- Donald J Trump facebook

Treasury of Trump administration declared an economic war over North Korea.

On February 23,2018 the Treasury department of United States had officially announced about tightening the of trading laws of North Korea by imposing new sanctions on the nation, announced by the President of United States, Donald J Trump. 

Treasury secretary of Trump's administration said this sudden decision had been taken to block the shipping companies, vessels and water way traders who are working for North Korea. The sanction has been imposed on 27 entities and 28 vessels around the globe. The main reason for this act is to isolate the North Korea and its supply of nuclear facility.

He also said they have circulated a notice across the world to all nations as an advisory that USA is ready to end its business with any shipping companies if they are ever know for working with North Korea and helping for their nuclear ambition.

Reports from a reputed daily, confirms the sanction of US government included sixteen North Korean shipping companies and nine foreign shipping companies including Singapore and China.

Trump said on Friday's press addressing that it was the first ever heaviest sanction imposed by the US government's treasury department on the rogue nation, expecting any positive reaction as a result. Another point of the sanction is not just to punish the rogue nation, but to raise the cost of ding business with North Korea.

USA Tightened The Economic War Over North Korea

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