The worst plane crash of Nepal killed 49

       Published : Mar 13, 2018 05:16 IST    
 The worst plane crash of Nepal killed 49. Image credit: Rushu(twitter @roohsaa) The worst plane crash of Nepal killed 49. Image credit: Rushu(twitter @roohsaa)

The worst Aviation disaster of Nepal, killed 49 and 20 survived with severe burn injuries.

A Bangladeshi plane (Flight BS 211) crashed down and killed 49 passengers while approaching the runway of Kathmandu Airport of Nepal on March 12, Monday noon. According to the Kathmandu airport officials, the plane approached the runway in a directly opposite direction. Where the plane is ordered to land from the Southern side but the plane approached the runway from Northern side. Immediately the pilot tried to pull on the plane's altitude to prevent the disaster but unfortunately, the hard try failed and the plane crashed aslant on a football field off from the runway.

The plane was owned by a private Bangladeshi aviation company, US-Bangla  Airlines. The plane was a 17-years old Bombardier Q400 series from a French-Italian manufacturer.  

Immediately the firefighters and rescue team have reached the crash site just pull charred corpses off from the plane. They have recovered 9 dead bodies initially but later the toll increased and stopped at 49. According to the airport authorities of Kathmandu, there are 71 passengers on the plane including the 4 crew members. Some window passengers managed to break out from the plane while crashing but they too have been admitted to the hospital with severe injuries.  The rescue team has recovered 49 as dead and 20 as alive but with serious burn injuries. They have been admitted to the hospital. 

Records confirmed that most of the passengers boarded ware Nepalese and Bangladeshis and one Chinese. The Kathmandu airport authorities have recovered the flight deck recorder and the flight recorder for investigation. Soon the cause of the worst crash in the aviation history of Nepal will be unveiled, hopped the investigation officials.  

Some local people told the press that they have witnessed the crash from the plane losing its altitude to the plane bounced on the football field with huge blaze and its blast with a scared face.

The flightradar24 described the flight that crashed on Monday is a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, a plane made by a French-Italian aviation company ATR (Aerei da Transport Regionale). The plane was one of the most modern aircraft from ATR, which produce more thrush and less noise with its six blade propulsion.

The worst plane crash of Nepal killed 49

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