The Green Sea Turtles Turning To Complete Feminisation

The Green Sea Turtles Turning To Complete Feminisation
The Green Sea Turtles Turning To Complete Feminisation

Temperature rise in the Great Barrier Reef will result in turning green sea turtles to complete feminisation.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest bio-diversity on the earth extended up to 3,44,400 Sq.Km. The reef is recognized by UNESCO as world heritage site also known as a earth’s largest structure made of living organisms. The reef situated in the coast of Queensland, Australia mostly known as "The Coral Sea" or The state icon of Queensland.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine park covers the large area of the reef in according to prevent human use like fishing and tourist activities. But the Queensland state department profits annually up to 3 billion AUD$ through tourist development in the reef area. But the reef had lost its coral cover in large amount due to some reasons like climate change, coral bleaching, explosion of population since 1985.

A report published in march 2016 says most of the reef part was severely affected by the coral bleaching in the result of rise in ocean temperature constantly. As a part global warming, Fishing in reef area, ship accidents, oil spillage are also giving great support to the coral bleaching.

The Green Sea Turtle is one of the unique species made the reef as its home. A research conducted by a group of scientists in the reef area said, always the sex determination of the green turtles depends on the temperature like most of the turtle species. The hatching of female turtles ratio seems increased in recent months. This was due to the increase in temperature in the reef the chance of hatching female turtle will increase in proportion to the temperature.

The scientists have alarmed the Queens state department to take necessary steps for the problem. This situation will lead to complete feminisation of Green Sea Turtle. The scientists also said they are just hoping for some cooler years in favor of producing enough male turtles.