Taliban Claims The Responsibility Of Kabul Terror Attack

       Published : Jan 22, 2018 18:49 IST    
Taliban Claims The Responsibility of Kabul Terror Attack Taliban Claims The Responsibility of Kabul Terror Attack

Taliban claims the responsibility for the terror attack in Afghanistan.


A gang of armed terrorist has entered the premises of the Intercontinental Hotel at Kabul and sprayed countless bullets over the civilians. This inhuman act happened on Saturday evening. The spokesperson of the Interior Ministry had said that 18 civilians were killed in the act and four Militants were killed by the security forces.


The report of the Afghan police chief Salem Eshas had disclosed the identities of the victims that 14 of them were foreigners and four were Afghans. Nine of them were Ukrainians, one was Kazakhstani and one was Greece national and three were yet to be identified. The gunmen entered in the dining hall fired randomly and gone through floor to floor in searching captives. Some of the Hotel guests have escaped by leaping out from the balconies. 


The gunmen started their attack on 9:00 PM of Saturday and the fire trade between the Afghan security forces and the gunmen continued till the next morning. The security forces had rescued 158 captives from the six story building. The chaos came to an end on Sunday Forenoon after Afghan troops killed the last one gunman with the backup of Norwegian force.


Seems the Afghanistan government was still confused with the attack they didn't know how the gunmen entered the premises crossing many check points, How do they get Modernized weapons over there. The government had said that 18 were killed in the attack but some news organization of Afghanistan are screaming the death toll was more than 45 by citing some unidentified source reports. The Afghan government had said it was 4 insurgents killed by the security forces but the Taliban who claims the responsibility of the attack had said it was five insurgents performing the attack.    

Taliban Claims The Responsibility Of Kabul Terror Attack

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