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Syrian Civil War A Permanent Stain Over Humanity

SAMS supported hospital in EastGhouta. Photo credit @sams_usa (twitter)

SAMS supported hospital in EastGhouta. Photo credit @sams_usa (twitter)

This is Civil War, what do you expect more than the death of innocents?

Fighter Jets, Mortar Shelling, Raining Bombs, Dark Smoke, Smell of Death, Stream of Blood, Screaming, Fears and Tears. Civil War of Syria, an half decades of unimaginable nightmares of Syrians. 

Nearly 600 including more than 150 innocent kids killed in 5 days at Eastern Ghouta region of Syria. Reports from the Syrian media reported that the Air Strike continued even after the UN passed the 30-days Cease Fire for providing food and medical support for the civilians. Is this the indirect word to continue the killing by supporting them with food and medicine?

The raising of death toll is still continuing, since now millions of people were killed in 5 years of civil war. But the civil war upturned its phase now, that it was a battle between the supporters and rebels of Bashar al-Assad when Russia taken part in the counter terrorism of Syria.

It is clearly screened, that the last week attack was one of the bloodiest and deadliest over innocent civilians in the outskirt region of Damascus, mostly at the Eastern Ghouta and Douma. The Damascus government and its alley Russia accused the insurgents for mass death of civilians that civilians are used as human shields by them and the government security forces are only targeting the militants. The Syrian media reported that the past week attack is considered as an intensified try of Bushar al-Assad to liberate the civilians from rebels. Obviously, it also be done by killing the innocents just to free them permanently.

It was reported that the Air strike jets have not given some space for the immediate responders for rescue operations and even to count the bodies. The air strike survivors said that they have witnessed the worst part of war in the week since seven years of continuous war. Apart from the rebel groups Most of the people were killed by the barrel bombs dropped down by their own government Air Force jets. But some live news reporters found to classify the difference in Air strikes, that the Sunday’s Air Strike that launched after the UN ceasefire orders was not that much intense while comparing to the last seven days of attack.

The Syrian Air planes kept dropping their bombs, Syrian military made no comments, mortars are shelling continuously, rescue teams are blasted while the rescue operation is on process, death toll rising constantly, apparently it can be named as the Hell on the Earth. The Syrian civil war is one of the remarkable stains over humanity in the history of humans. 

Meanwhile the Syria’s UN ambassador marked his words that their fight against terrorism will be still on by citing the UN ceasefire order had excluded the names of some terror organizations like Islamic state, al-Nusra front. Hence the death won’t sleep tonight and the mourning of Syria will long last for several nights.

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