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Supernova And The Mayan civilization

Supernova And The Mayan civilization

Supernova And The Mayan civilization

A Dying star and the Mayan myth.

As per the nature’s rule, everything in the universe is once born and everything they born once should be dead. The universe we live is filled with millions of mysteries. Even though some mysteries were solved by science tones of them are still remain unfolded.

Stars spend their whole life fusing hydrogen and helium atoms like sun. Stars are even bigger than sun. When the two atoms combine to form a shiny star far away from our galaxy, some day the star losses its fuels and try to survive with low energy. It is the first stage of a dying star. The star starts to enlarge for thousands of miles to conserve its energy but when time come all its fuels are evaded and the star explodes. The scene was virtually known as supernova.

After the star exploded the star give way for formation of new generation of stars some time it creates a black hole. This above scene was explained by our modern science with the help of many space telescopes, tones of researches with numerous modern equipments. Obviously it is possible to decrypt any mystical explosion with the help of modern science.

But what mayan thought about the explosion is an era of no science technology. It’ll leave your minds in total chaos. In the divine world of mayan there is always some things special with everything. They described every happenings in their own way but still there are lots of confusions how they have done that.

Mayans are the Mesoamerican civilization before 2000 BC. They are acknowledged with agriculture, architectural, mathematical, art, calender, astronomical on that day. Mayan civilization believed in god hence they acknowledged every happening is done by god. But according to space mayan will swallow every technology from the modern world. The above science description about a dying star was already explained by mayan and they worshiped it was divine.

The mayans named the dying star in nebula as ‘xibalba’, literally means the place of fear. A community of people in the mayans called it as road to death which found in the sky in night. Even though their god of death is in an underworld they concluded the road for that place was in the supernova. They worshipped it as god of death. They assumed it was the place of no escape, it may be considered as black hole. They noted the road to the underworld is presented somewhere in a cave of the deep dense mayan forest.

They connected every celestial happens with their gods. But how they assumed those things without any technology? Whether someone had helped them on that day? It is still a mystery. Apart from this, while we compare the mayans and the space we can find a new dimension of answers to the questions of modern world space.

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