Six major wildfires in California forest left several homeless

Six major wildfires in California forest left several homeless

Six major wildfires are burning throughout Southern California. It was the first time 6 major fire in the state. Thomas Fire is the largest among them and it is said to be fifth-largest wildfire in California history. It covers more than 2,30,000 acres of land. These wildfires are destructing vast forest areas and red flag warning is issued for Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

As per reports more than 90,000 people are being under mandatory evacuation in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. The death toll is reported to by 70. Several groups of people are evacuating from their native lands.    

There is no sign of rainfall and it is unclear when the fires will lie down. Nearly 6,500 fire fighters are in front line, helicopters, fire engines and battling against those fires.

Several celebrities are among the affected people. They have shared their experience on those fires on their twitter handles. Many people are sharing their thoughts and prayers on the social media pages on safety of the people in those areas. People are woried about this vast disaster over the mother nature and Wild lives. 

Climate scientists have predicted, the land is in more danger and could be affected by droughts in near future as changes in global warming that blocks rainfall in the state. They have also found rapid melting ice in Arctic Ocean that is threatening California in near future.  

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