Pakistan Nominated For The Gray Listing Again
Some sources confirms Pakistan working over gathering supports from FAFT members like Russia Gulf Coordination council and Turkey for opposing the nomination. According

Big nations nominated Pakistan for Gray-Listing in the upcoming FATF meeting.

A three days FATF (Financial Action Task Force) meeting is likely to start on next week Sunday in Paris. Now, again Pakistan has been nominated for "gray-List" by some powerful nations like United States, United nation, France and Germany.

The FATF is an Inter- Governmental body combating against the illegal money laundering and terrorist financing by developing a series of recommendations, which are recognized as international standard for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other threats worldwide. 

Now the FATF meeting which starts on next week is likely to verify the technical compliance of Pakistan by considering the requirements of FATF recommendations agreed by Pakistan during its membership. 

The reason behind the nomination was the intolerance over Pakistan for not enacting law against illegal money laundering and terrorist funding instead it had supported the terrorist groups like Jummat-Ud-Dawa, Lashkae-e-Toiba and Falah-e-Insaniat, which are designated as "Proscribed groups" by the UN Security Council.  

The FATF had already Gray listed Pakistan between the year 2012-15 after a compliance report submitted by Islamabad, had not reached the criteria. This year, India had not nominated Pakistan for Gray Listing but in previous meet, issues over Pakistan’s terrorist financing and vast weapon proliferation was raised by United States and India. 

Some sources confirm Pakistan working over gathering supports from FATF members like Russia, Gulf Coordination council and Turkey for opposing the nomination. According to the rule of FATF, it needed three full member votes to withdraw a nomination against Gray listing. China is the only member which opposed the nomination of Pakistan in the previous FATF meeting. Pakistan is under the spot light by its intolerable actions. Anyhow the results will be out only on next week.