OPCW Investigating Chemical Weapon Usage In Easter Ghouta Attack

OPCW investigating Syrian Eastern Ghouta Air Strike

OPCW investigating Syrian Eastern Ghouta Air Strike

OPCW flies to Syria for finding the use of Chemical Weapons in the recent attacks.

Syrian Air force has carried out more than 1000 Air Strikes over the outskirts of Damascus region in the past week. The Syrian security forces constantly made their attacks over the  rebels region for past seven years but the past week attack is considered worst of all. It had killed more than 500 civilians including 150 children in the East Ghouta region.

Now the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon) is scanning the region for any clues that portraits the chemical weapon use in the recent Syrian army attack. Syria has been already highlighted by the United Nation and OPCW for using bombs and missiles installed with chlorine gas and sarin in its 2016 counter terrorism air strike. 

OPCW is an intergovernmental organization that came to force on April 1997 for preventing the use of chemical weapons across the world. The OPCW is based in Hague of South Netherlands that promotes the prohibition of Chemical Warfare as it was a taboo according to the international law.

The nations like USA, UK  and France had assured the OPCW that Damascus military will face the military consequences against the military of President Bashar al-Assad, if any proof of chemical attack is been obtained in the recent attack. The local health authorities of the Ghouta region had claimed to the OPCW that they have found some symptoms of chlorine gas exposure on Sunday by citing a dead child. But the fact-finding team of OPCW had not made any bigger response regarding the local’s confirmation.

The use of Chemical bombings with some chemicals like chlorine induces pulmonary problems like wheezing attacks, nausea, vomiting and sometime the gas exposed out while exploding enters the lungs of forms excess amount of Hydrochloric acid in a human body and leads to gore death.  

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