Kabul Blast 40 Dead and More Than 120 Injured

       Published : Jan 27, 2018 16:30 IST    
Kabul Blast 40 Dead and More Than 120 Injured Kabul Blast 40 Dead and More Than 120 Injured

It seems to be one of the deadliest blasts in recent times. The capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul witnessed the terrific blast that claimed at least 40 lives and more than 120 were injured. They are rushed to the hospital and feared there would be more causalities.

The blast was near embassies and Govt buildings. The ambulance with the explosives was blown up in the highly crowded area near the old interior ministry building on Saturday. The attack was claimed by Taliban. There was a huge sound and heavy smoke rose in to the sky after the blast.

Public health Ministry says 17 bodies and 110 injured people are rushed to the hospitals. Indian consulate's Visa wing is also in nearby place. Indian Ambassador Manpreet Vohra said no damage to Indians and they are safe.

People are angry about the coward terrorist who are responsible for the blast. The poor civilians are being killed in the attack like this. This blast happened a week after Taliban militants killed 22 people in Kabul hotel. 

The ambulance had been hold down for checking by the security personals in the crowded area. Meantime it was set to blast killing police men and other common people there. 

Kabul Blast 40 Dead and More Than 120 Injured

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