Happy Birthday to the father of modern science

       Published : Mar 14, 2018 10:49 IST    
Happy Birthday to the father of modern science Albert Einstein. Image credit: Pixabay Happy Birthday to the father of modern science Albert Einstein. Image credit: Pixabay

The Twentieth century is known for its rapid development in Science but why?  Why twentieth century? Why was the twentieth century known as the birth year of Modern science? All the above questions can be answered with a single name. 

Today March 14, the same day in 1879, our mother earth was gifted with a child that was gifted with unique thoughts. The child just changed the course of whole world's view of science with a simple formula. The child which still giving a mysterious smiling pose through the mind-blowing theories for every science students across the globe. The child was none other than the great theoretical physicist Albert Einstein who is considered as the founder and father of modern science. This day is the 139th birthday of the great scientist Albert Einstein.

Still, now every scientist is portraying Einstein as the only reason for the 20th century's revolution in science. The theory he submitted at the beginning of 20th century is still supporting the physics as a pillar.

We can find Einstein’s contribution in every field of science and philosophy because in earlier times the science and the philosophy were considered as twins. But how it all started? It all started with a new theory proposed by him in the early 20th century, the "theory of relativity" the theory that stirred the calm water.

The theory detailed everything in the universe from gravitational fields to astronomical physics to time travel to a nuclear weapon to the entire universe. He was a junior officer working in the Swiss patent office. However he considered the Newtonian mechanics will no longer support the modern physics hence he proposes relativity theory later the general relativity, later he proposed Annus Mirabilis papers that broke the previous myths and false theories, later he presented photoelectric effect and many theories and experiments that can be related to expertise in the field of science. 

Unfortunately, Einstein is the primary leaver for the discovery of nuclear fission bomb. During the World War 2, he came up to Franklin D Roosevelt with a formula called E=mc2 that drove the American scientists to convert the nuclear fission reaction into the deadliest bomb called Atom Bomb. For the first time, an invention of Einstein led to end the World War 2 and similarly millions of lives. He warned the American government that discovery was an evil and inhuman but his warnings didn't stop them from performing a mass killing.

Though he born in Germany as Jews, when Hitler claimed the power of Germany he fled to America and later died in Princeton, New Jersey of United States. He was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics which he deserved for science sake.

The name Einstein is energy, a detail in everything, a role model and more than that the name Albert Einstein is a Mystery.  

Happy Birthday to the father of modern science

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