Hafiz Playing Truth Or Dare With Pakistan Government

       Published : Feb 06, 2018 10:36 IST    
 Hafiz Playing Truth Or Dare With Pakistan Government Hafiz Playing Truth Or Dare With Pakistan Government

Truth or Dare. Always Dare will scare you the most.

Hafiz Saeed, the man who holds up a deadly terror organizations of Pakistan in his right palm. The chief of LeT (Lashkar-e-Toiba) shows up in public with his political outfit (Jammad-Ud-Dawa) which was outlawed. UN still holding $10 Million bounty for his head as he enlighten top in the list of Specially Designed Global Terrorist by the United States government on 2014.

Due to some internal and external pressure Pakistan government had arrested Saeed and locked him down in his house. After a long house arrest, the government had set him free following the orders of a Pakistan court in November 2017. But the finest part was, immediately after his release, he declared that he will continue to dare Pakistan in his jihadist way.

Again he caught in the eyes of storming nations. Pakistan government made some plans to arrest him again but Pakistan Court rejected the petition of the government. Hafiz on February 5, 2018 called a gathering to mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day and stirred the energy of the protestors. 

In that gathering, he dared Pakistan Government to arrest him if they can and said he won't stop fighting for Kashmiri people. He warned the Pakistan government that the JUD will emerge out even stronger if the government planned to suppress them and he said the year 2018 will be dedicated to Kashmiris and the freedom of Kashmir. 

On February 2, he announced his followers and himself will hold rallies, seminars and conferences for 10 days across Pakistan to show their standby with the Kashmiris. Hafiz Saeed and JUD was the mastermind behind LeT's terrors attacks around the globe including the 26/11 attack of Mumbai. But the Pakistan government had refused to arrest him as they had no case registered on him till. It seems the Pakistan government has a weird rule of set freeing the person who killed many and sentence a person to death who raised voice against the killings. 

Hafiz Playing Truth Or Dare With Pakistan Government

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