First Female Commander of Japan Warship squadron
First Female Commander of Japan Warship squadron. Representation image of Japanese MSDF. Image credit:Wikipedia commons
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First Female Commander of Japan Warship squadron

Japan appointed first Woman commander for its MSDF Squadron. 

Ryoko Azuma (44) is the first-ever female commander of the Maritime Self-Defense force of Japan Navy simply known as the destroyer squadron. There are only 6% of women are serving the Japan Armed Forces were Japan is already noted for the unexpected amount of graying and the armed forces are running out of male recruits and the Japan Army is now planning to lure more women in its armed force.

Ryoko Azuma joined the MSDF in 1996 but at that time the Japan government banned women to serve in the warships. later the rule has been kicked out in 2006 that made Azuma served on the warships for more than ten years. But still, women are not allowed to serve in the submarines and still ruled by men.

Japan appointed Ryoko Azuma the commander of a warship squadron that consists of four ships that include the Izumo Helicopter Carrier which known as the flagship of MSDF. Now she is the head of four ships with a crew of 1000 that including only 30 females in it.  

Azuma spoke to the press regarding her appointment as warship commander she said that she didn’t mind about her gender while on service she likes to serve her nation in a better way and as a commander too. She continued that she wanted to be a role model for the other women in her crew and all across her nation. she said to the press after the change of command ceremony.

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