Elder Son Of Fidel Castro Killed Himself On Thursday

       Published : Feb 02, 2018 11:50 IST    
 Elder Son Of Fidel Castro Killed Himself On Thursday Elder Son Of Fidel Castro Killed Himself On Thursday

Junior Castro killed himself due to depression last night.

Diaz-Balart also known as 'Fidelito' due to his resemblance of his father the Great Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Reports from Cuban-run media had confirmed, Fidelito killed himself last night due to depression.

At the time of his demise, Fidelito is the scientific counselor to the Cuban council of state and the president to the Cuban academy of science. He is a nuclear physicist who studied at Soviet Union. 

According to the media report, he had been admitted in hospital due to over depression few months ago,  many doctors had given treatment for him in his home but somehow last night the doctors have confirmed his demise on Friday morning (February 2, 2018).

Fidelito's suicidal death had created a shocking wave all over the world as his dad Fidal Castro passed away on November 2015 after ruling the country for 52 years and more. 

According to the media reports, he was the leading head to Cuban first nuclear power plant with aid from USSR for more than two decades. Now his family had made funeral arrangements. He was just 68 but Castro died at an age of 90. Fidelito was Castro's elder son. Resembled mostly like Fidel as tall and bearded.

Elder Son Of Fidel Castro Killed Himself On Thursday

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