Doomsday clock shows two minutes more for the destruction
Now its very close to the Midnight which was 2.5 seconds in the previous year. The board states, they decided to move the clock, because the world leaders refused......

Get prepared for the apocalypse. Now its only 2 minutes more for the Doomsday.

To: Leaders and Citizens of the world.
Re: Two minutes to Midnight.
Date: January 25, 2018.

The above address and the message was from the well known catastrophe indicators, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on Thursday. They officially released a statement to the world leaders and the citizens, yesterday, that the "Doomsday clock ticked 30 seconds forward". Now only "Two minutes to Midnight" they really mean the world is close to the apocalypse.

The Doomsday clock, apparently a metaphor clock founded in 1945 by the Atomic scientist, who made their tribute in developing the first atomic weapon in Manhattan project. Two years later the Doomsday clock was created by the Bulletin of the Atomic scientists. They used an imaginary representation of apocalypse and the nuclear explosion as Midnight. This was created mainly to convey the threat of Mayday to the world. Every year the bulletin decides to move the minute hand forward or backward or let it in rest. The consult with their board of sponsors, which includes 15 Nobel laureates in the field of Nuclear science, climatic changes etc. The clock is known as an universal indicator of catastrophe.

The clock is this close to the Midnight since 1953 when US and Russia continuously involved in testing their nuclear arsenals in the name of cold war, the clock ticked close to 2 minutes to Midnight. Now it is very close to the Midnight which was 2.5 seconds in the previous year. The board states, they decided to move the clock, because the world leaders refused to note the rapid proliferation of nuclear war threat to the world.

The threat arose from the nuclear realms of North Korea which continuously boosted up its nuclear weapons and taken in to its own dinner plate. US had made its remarkable contribution over North Korea’s nuclear proliferation. The apocalyptical threat increases not only from the Korean regime but also from the US and Russia’s continuous military exercises along the borders of NATO region. Asian and sub-Asian continents also welcomed to the list, for China-India-Pakistan’s triangular extension of nuclear weapons. Increasing terrorism in the Middle East region made the remarkable progress. Unfortunately US involvement in every region made the nuclear threat doubled.

Apart from the nuclear weapon climate changes had to considered more though they have no intension of making instant damage. The emission of Carbon-dioxide is still doing great contribution in global warming. The world nation must take action over the emission of green house gases. 

Increasing technological crime and exploitation must be taken in consideration beyond the nuclear and climatic odds. Technology is for the cause of good but the past year proved the technology can also be used for destruction.

The clock hand won’t step back, if the nations didn’t recognize the hard situation, said the board people.