Daring Voice Of America Said Shame On You Trump

       Published : Feb 21, 2018 00:34 IST    
Emma Gonzalez during the addressing Emma Gonzalez during the addressing

A Daring voice of America encouraged everyone to chant "shame On You".

A public speech a survivor of Parkland high School shooting had insisted the whole cabinet of Trump to Hung their heads in shame. A rally had been conducted by the survivors of Parkland shooting nearby Fort Lauderdale on February 18, 2018 for tightening the gun control in America. 

Emma Gonzalez, a student survivor in the Florida High School Shooting incident had given a goossbumbing address to the crowd on February 18 rally in that area. An armed gunman, Nikolus Cruzz, who was also an old student of Parkland High School, braked into the school and assaulted the students randomly. 17 were killed in that gore incident. Emma blamed that president Donald Trump should take the soul responsible for this massacre. 

Recently President Trump has been criticized commonly that the Parkland High School massacre was the result of Trump's election camping which was financially supported by National Riffle Association. While addressing Emma literally slammed the fact of American president's lethargic motion in controlling gun proliferation by saying "We are going to be the last mass shooting... We are going to change the law".

After the mass shooting, most of the massacre’s survivors turned against Trump and his administration and Started to raise voice against him. Emma said that the question about a person owning an automated weapon is not political but it is a question of life or death and the people should stop assuming the question as political. She continued 

"If the president wants to meet me and tell me that it was a terrible tragedy and nothing is going to be done about it. I will happily ask him how much money he received from the National Rifle Association. But it doesn't matter because I already know. It is Thirty Million. It is considerably 5800 Dollars for a person who had lost their lives in shooting in past one month." Emma asked trump dose the value of their lives are just 5800 Dollars? Literally, she slammed the whole cabinet of Trump administration for their poor administration.

"To every politicians taking donations from the NRA, Shame on You!" she said during her speech. Following her the entire crowd shouted back the same "Shame On You!"   

Daring Voice Of America Said Shame On You Trump

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