China Cloned First Two Non Human Primates

       Published : Jan 25, 2018 16:48 IST    
China cloned the first two non-human primates China cloned the first two non-human primates

China successfully cloned two macaques recently, it is time for a human trail next!

Scientists from China had introduced their cloned macaque monkeys to the world last night. They have named the two as Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua. It was a great contribution of the Chinese scientists in the cloning of first non-human primates.

The birth of two clone macaques was officially announced last night after eight and six weeks. They two were bottle fed and growing normally says the scientists. They have released a video of the models too.

The Science Institute of Neuroscience in shanghai had cloned two long tailed macaques from a non embryonic cell by a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer where the same technique was used to clone a sheep called Dolly before 20 years. The team said it was expecting many cloned births in upcoming births. However the team refused the idea of human cloning that it was not their intension.

It took 127 eggs for the birth of two macaques. Many animals have been cloned in last 20 years after dolly but the macaques are something special. The macaques are closely related to humans. 

The scientist said the two models were cloned for the study of brain disease and now its the great lead in the mission of study and treatment of brain disease.

China Cloned First Two Non Human Primates

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