Be Aware of SPECTRE and MELTDOWN Vulnerabilities

Be Aware of SPECTRE and MELTDOWN Vulnerabilities
Be Aware of SPECTRE and MELTDOWN Vulnerabilities

The Tech giant of U.S admits itself all its devices been affected by Spectre and Meltdown.
Recently Techies have discovered new Processor Flaws these leads to a serious type of security breaches in all type of operating systems all over the world. The flaws are named as "Spectre and Meltdown". These flaws are due to design flaw over Processor chips made by INTEL.

Techies say this may affect the fire wall system of OS like MAC, I.OS, Windows, Android etc., and these will expose billions of computers to cyber-attack. The fix of this flaw may results in slow performance of the PC.

This discovery was already made by GOOGLE researchers last year but unfortunately it came to the public light only now. Regarding the problem MICROSOFT had issued an emergency update of windows ’10’ and asked its users to keep all apps up to date.

Following MICROSOFT the greatest Tech giant APPLE had also admitted all its devices are attacked by Spectre and Meltdown. In an announcement made on Thursday the APPLE asked all its users to make update on IOS, MAC.OS, TV.OS and Watch OS which was recently given by APPLE.

Followed by the APPLE other companies like MICROSOFT, GOOGLE and AMAZON also issued updates and asked their users to get it on trusted sources like APP STORE.
APPLE also confirmed there were no customers affected by these flaws currently as to their knowledge and they are working the fix Day and Night. It also informed "APPLE will release patches on its safari for the defense against Meltdown".

All Tech giants asked their users to be safe from malware attacks by keeping their anti-malware software up to date. And said don’t trust any app from unknown sources.