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Australian Tamil Eelam Family Reprieved From Deportation In Last Minute

Australian Tamil Eelam Family Reprieved From Deportation In Last Minute. Image Credit:

Australian Tamil Eelam Family Reprieved From Deportation In Last Minute. Image Credit:

Australian Tamil Eelam family reprieved from deportation in last minute. But How?

Australian immigration department had pulled off a Tamil Eelam family from the plane when they boarded and ready for the deportation. Nadesalingam and his wife Priya and their Daughters, a Tamil Eelam family of Biloela of Queensland had faced enough tyranny of Australian immigration department and finally, the Immigration and Border Protection Minister of Australia had ordered the family to be deported to Sri Lanka even the court’s hearing on their case that has been set up in early May of 2018.

Nadesalingam and his wife Priya were get married in Australia a few years ago but they two have migrated to Australia by fleeing the SriLankan Civil war in a separate boat in a difference of 1-year gap, that reports say Priya reached Australia in 2012 and Nadesalingam in 2013. They both got settled in Biloela a small residential town near Queensland after they get married under Tamil Refugee Council of Australia.

Nadesalingam and Priya started to survive on their own when Nadesalingam got a job at a meat factory near their residency. Nadesalingam’s family got extended with two daughters namely Kopiga (2-years old) and Dharuniga (just 9 months old). Reports confirmed Nadesalingam had applied for asylum for the refugee status and it has been rejected by the Australian government. But the Ministry of Immigration had granted the application of Priya. The Australian government had not coined any reason for rejecting Nadesalingam’s application. A reputed news agency published a reason citing a local personality that, Nadesalingam was a refugee from Tamil Eelam and he was also a former member of Liberation of Tamil Tigers of Srilanka that was defeated by the Sinhala Army and Nadesalingam fled his homeland when he was victimized by the Srilankan Army. Another report said that March 4 is the ending validity of Priya’s VISA and she had been applied for a renewal and the Australian government replied that she will get a renewed VISA. 

On March 5, 2018, at the time of early dawn, the Australian border force had raided Nadesalingam’s home and arrested him and his wife Priya and taken to Melbourne by separating their two little daughters from them. Nadesalingam and his wife had been insisted to sign the deportation documents by the Ministry of Immigration Officials in Melbourne. After they signed the agreement they were taken to Perth International Airport where they were deported to Srilanka with other Tamil Refugees. Nadesalingam’s daughters are now at the position of "Stateless" where they haven’t crossed the Australian Borders since their birth. But Nadesalingam’s family has been removed from the plane following a petition filed by a lawyer in the court. Later it came to know that it was Angela Fredericks, a social activist and a family friend of Nadesalingam when the family made their settlement in Biloela.

Angela Fredericks and the Biloela hometown citizens campaigned hard and organized a petition with almost 76,000 signatures on it just to insist the Minister of Immigration Peter Dutton and the Ministry of Home Affairs to pass orders on to stop the family’s deportation. 

Probably the residents of Biloela protested against their government to stop Nadesalingam’s family deportation by organising an election of supporting to the family through a website where they get more than 82,000 votes of support from around the world. Humans have humanity and responsibility across the globe that which politicians failed to access.

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