Another National emergency State Declared By Ethiopian Cabinet

       Published : Feb 17, 2018 12:28 IST    
Ethiopian Protesters Protesting Against Their Prime Minister Ethiopian Protesters Protesting Against Their Prime Minister

A National state emergency has been declared in Ethiopia.

A 10 months long national state emergency which came to an end last year and the recent release of thousands of government oppositionists had not brought up any rest among the protestors against the government. Now again, Ethiopian Government had declared the National State of Emergency on Friday.

The rule of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn since 2011 had came to an end by his resignation on Thursday (February 15, 2018). He stepped down from his position after a long protest against his government by two ethnic community of Ethiopia. Prime Minister Hailemarian said that on Thursday that he decided to step down in the hope of ending the years of unrest and political disruptions and to end the protest in the Oromia and Amhara region. 

He declared his resignation in an Opaque manner. No further details like about his date of vacating the office and who is going to restore him, are not provided yet. Sources confirm that Hailmariam will hold up the office until the restoration. But the protest against his government became worse from Thursday. Often street protests and violence have been lifted up by the protestors. Hence again the Ethiopian cabinet had declared the National Emergency State on Friday without any specific period time of its ending and restriction norms. 

Hailmariam Desalgn took power over the current government in 2011 after death of Meles Zanawi who started his rule in the country in 1991. Desalegn started to control the country with his powerful Military Chiefs and intelligence. But however he lost his efficiency after the eruption of protest against him from Ethiopia's two ethnic community people. Despite of mass killings, arrests and tortures had not stopped the protestors from protesting. 

Almost 800 protestors were killed only in 2015 and 16 and more than 11,000 were arrested and locked up at Addis Ababa prison in the Ethiopian capital which is well known for torturing the prisoners. Many protestors who protested for their freedom of speech and democracy rule were sentenced to jail without any trials. The military had arrested many journalists as they written the terms of the government over freedom of speech. 

Desalgn government failed to maintain peace with the protestors and still failed to bring order among the two ethnic groups of the country who are considerably spread across the country in wide population. But instead maintaining peace the government started it killing of unarmed protestors.

The currently declared National Emergency State seems unpredictable of its ending.

Another National emergency State Declared By Ethiopian Cabinet

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