Another attack at the Afghanistan capital city

Another attack at the Afghanistan capital city

Continuing innocents death in Kabul shows an endless tyranny.

Military Institutions are frequently attacked by the militants of Afghanistan. Today, Marshal Fahim National Defense University has been attacked by the militants.

An Afghan media reported by citing the public, a big explosion were heard from the Marshal Fahim National Defense University. After the blast several gun shots and Rocket shellings have been heard too. Later the president’s spokesperson confirmed the university’s attack.

The sudden attack started on 5:00 AM and lasted for one hour. The attackers can’t able to cross the first gate as the security personals have sealed all gates and roads to the university. Some of the militants in the university have also been killed. Now the situation is calm said a security spokesperson.

But the reports from News Agencies said they can still hear some smaller gun shots and blasts from the university premises. The armed vehicles of security personals had rushed to the firing spot.

Still now no terror organizations had came forward to claim responsibility for attack. Notably this was another frequent attack by the militants, where on Saturday hundreds were killed and several civilians were injured in a bomb blast by the terrors, who triggered a bulk explosive packed in an ambulance. Taliban claimed the responsibility for that attack.

Last week a five star hotel had been attacked by the Taliban militants and 22 were killed by them. Kabul had become an hot spot of terror attacks in recent times. 

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