Air Pollution In China Reduced In Last Four Years

Air Pollution In China Reduced In Last Four Years. Representing Shanghai Image Credit Pixabay

Air Pollution In China Reduced In Last Four Years. Representing Shanghai Image Credit Pixabay

According to a recent study made by the University of Chicago that released on Monday,  China has achieved the notable progression in reducing Air pollution in the last four years. This is concluded from the data obtained from more than 200 pollution monitors all over China.  

About 4,400 people died every single day on an average due to air pollution-related health issues, according to a previous study carried out in 2015. World Health Organization too had expressed its worry over China’s Air Quality Index (AQI), according to WHO an average Chinese citizen’s lifespan is decreased to the worst level. But now, the latest studies have confirmed the hike in average life expectancy of a Chinese Citizen around 2.4 years while comparing the years 2013 & 2018.  

Though China’s economy is the world’s largest by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and world’s second largest by GDP at present, few years before, China folded up the highest air polluted cities across the world including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen etc…

After realizing that Air pollution would be a major threat to its future growth and health of its own people, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced in 2014 that China would be fighting against Pollution in the upcoming years.  Then, an action plan was made to modify the industrial policies following that many steel plants were ceased to operate and also old vehicles were seized to run on roads.

Over usage of Motorized Vehicles and Coal in factories and power plants had increased the levels of 2.5 PM (Particulate Matter).  Chinese people suffered from health issues like asthma, lung disease, heart disease, cancer, stroke etc.. It took a long duration of four years for the world’s largest manufacturer to cut down the 35% of PM 2.5.

Without Motorized Vehicles and usage of Coal, people’s desires could not be satisfied by a government and the wealth of a nation would not grow up. Keeping this in mind, It would be really a great task for a developing country like China to achieve the environmental target.


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