Tsunami Warning Issued Following 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake At Pacific Ocean

       Published : Nov 20, 2017 17:21 IST    
Tsunami Warning Issued Tsunami Warning Issued

The powerful earthquake was detected at the Pacific Ocean near the New Caledonia on Monday around 9:45 am local time. Following it large waves of above one meter were seen in the coastal regions of New Caledonia. Tsunami warning center issued warning to coastal regions within 180 mile radius from the epic center including New Caledonia, Vanuatu, New Zealand.

The residents of Loyalty Islands were asked to evacuate to the higher ground. The people in those areas are panic and people asked to stay calm and safe by authorities. 

Currently there are no reports about the damage due to high tide in the region. In past few weeks there were series of threat in those coastal areas by the strong waves. 

Indian ESP expert in residing in Kerala have earlier written letter to PM Modi about the upcoming earthquake and tsunami in Indian Ocean. He had stated about 11 Asian countries would be affected by this before 31st December 2017. Some experts reject this and say at present there are no technologies to predict the quake and tsunami and this would be false. 

Recently Iran-Iraq border earthquake of magnitude 7.3 killed hundreds and thousands lost their homes. It was estimated nearly 70,000 people lost their shelter. 


Tsunami Warning Issued Following 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake At Pacific Ocean

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