71 Passengers died In Plane Crash Near Moscow City

       Published : Feb 12, 2018 22:45 IST    
 71 Passengers died In Plane Crash Near Moscow City 71 Passengers died In Plane Crash Near Moscow City

71 civilians including children died in plane crash at Moscow.

The Antonov An-148 aircraft of Saratove Airlines a Russian Airline agency with its crew had crashed down near snowy terrains of Moscow on Sunday without leaving any solid clue for the crash, as it went off the radar signal before crashing. Reports confirmed there were no survivors left in the crash. The plane was headed to the Russian city of Orsk from Domodedevo Airport of Moscow with 65 passengers and 6 crew members, which includes 3 children and 3 foreigners on the board. Russian president Vladimir Putin conveyed his deep condolences to the relatives of the passengers died in the plane crash. A special investigation panel also been formed up for the crash investigation, said a Russian media.  The actual cause of the crash had not yet revealed in the investigation by the panel members. The primary report said the plan had lost its radar signal before the crash may be due to some technical errors or pilot error. The panel considering the heavy snow fall is also a cause for the crash because Russian cities are exposed to heavy snow fall in the present year since a decade. The reports of the panel also said the dead corpse and the scattered fragments of the plane had been found spread in a wide radius which was not less than 1km. The panel had hoped for revealing the actual cause for the crash as soon as possible.  The Saratove Airlines is the small air transport agency operating for the Russian regional air transport. Now the panel had investigating the airlines employees and the authorities who set the plane for a flight, said a Russian media. The plane had passed its last C-check before the flight. The pilot had not screamed for any mayday incidents before the crash. Anyhow the plane went down without leaving any specific clue behind.

71 Passengers died In Plane Crash Near Moscow City

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