17 Killed 13 Injured In South Florida High School Shot Out
The ValentinesDay blood splash in an American high school was marked as the 18th incident of school violence in past few years. Somehow school students buy guns in an..

Another shooting at South Florida school, killed 17, Police nabbed student gunman.

An unidentified gunman on Valentine’s day broke into the Marjory Stoneman Douglus High School in South Florida before the dismissal time and opened fire in a random way. The bullets of the gunman killed 17 people in the school which includes both students and staffs of the school. The catastrophic event had created another terrific wave across America.

American media reported that Police department reached the spot and napped the gunman and started emergency protocols for the injured immediately. Media sited Sheriff Scott Israle revealed identity of the gunman. He said it was 19 years old Nikolas Cruz, who was shortly expelled from the school for his troublesome act. Sheriff continued Cruz returned to his old school with a gas mask and an assault rifle.

Then he opened fire in an assault style when student poured out from their class in response of fire alarm. With a pre plan he used smoke grenades to activate the fire alarms to pull everyone to the hallway for a better view. It was an unexpected situation, but Students took shelter in their class room until police reached out to rescue.

Shortly After the incident some people who knew about Cruz said to media that he was a troubling kid in the school and he got expelled from the school last year for getting into fight with his Ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. Later he joined in another high school. Previously Cruzz was expelled from two schools for his rash behavior. Some students told that he was arrogant and used to bring guns to the school often even though it was completely banned inside the school. Most of them feared to mess with him due to his behavior and he had no friends.

Authorities reported that 17 were killed in the shot out and more than 13 were injured. Twelve of them killed inside the school, two of them killed just few meters out from the school entrance, one in the street and two died in the hospital. Injured students were still under treatment some of them are injured badly. 

Reports from the gun control department said that the valentine’s day blood splash in an American high school was marked as the 18th incident of school violence in past few years. Even though the gun control department taking extreme efforts, somehow school students buy guns in an illegal way. 

President Donal Trump had tweeted his deep condolences and prayers to the family members of the victims. He also assured the safety of the everyone in every American school.