10 years old Indian origin Kid Scored more than Einstein IQ score

10 years old Indian origin Kid Scored More than Einstein IQ score

10 years old kid pushed down both Einstein and Hawking In IQ test.

Mansa IQ test is being conducted by an oldest high IQ society in the world, which is non-profitable Britain based organization. Every year, Mansa conduct an IQ test for member recruiting around the world. The main Moto of the Mansa is to recognize the highly talented minds and encourage them to use their knowledge completely.

This year Mansa’s IQ test certification was grabbed by a 10 years old Indian-Origin boy in UK. Mehul Garg, 10 years old kid scored a highest IQ grade which was 162. He claimed to the top notch by pushing down Einstein and Stephan Hawking behind.

Mehul made the same score of his elder brother, Dhruv Garg, who entered Mansa last year with score 162. Mehul is quietly competitive in beating his elder brother’s last year score, said Mahul’s mother in an interview to a reputed daily.

She continued, he was nervous while approaching the first question in the test paper but he was cheered up by his father then he relaxed after answering few questions. Mehul is more talented where he was well trained in solving the Rubik’s cube within 100 seconds. Now he scored highest points in the IQ test which made him to enter the list of top 1% people who achieved this much score. Mehul was passionate toward Cricket, Ice-skating and more towards Mathematics. 

Apart from this thing Mehul and Dhruv got time to think about society. The both are raising fund to build an app for connecting neighbors, who are isolated socially. They have their own online fund rising website to raise their funds in which they wrote "We are passionate young men with an ambition to make a difference in the world around us". The page already raised 1,300 pounds around the world.

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