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Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus Specs and Prize

Samsung s9 launch Photo Credit Samsung Official

Samsung s9 launch Photo Credit Samsung Official

The much awaited Samsung mobile model S9 and S9+ is now all on the ground. The launching ceremony is on air from Mobile world Congress at Barcelona on Sunday February 25, 2018. The Samsung had planned to unveil these mobiles with the processor of Exynos 9810 model to the Indian market where its Snapdragon 845 models to hit the other foreign countries. But the bunch of specifications that leaked about the two models had already given us a solid conclusion even before the launch. That the S9 and the S9+ models are a small upgrades of S8 and S8+ that dived in to the world market last year as now been proved after the launch. However the Samsung made an upgrade to the S8 duo models to show them as S9 duo they haven’t forgotten to upgrade the prize. 
Some important specifications of S9 models along with their prize are given below.   


Special Features

Specification in common


Operating System

Technical Specification 







Specification of S9+

Specification of S9

The prize of the S9 model will surely punch up the buyer. The design and the metallic color of this models just got its step out from normal. However the craze over the Samsung brands seems endless.

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