How to get top Gaming Laptops In India

       Published : Jan 14, 2018 00:56 IST    
 Top Gaming laptops In India Top Gaming laptops In India

Top Gaming Laptops of Indian market In 2017.

Indians are interested with wide technology spirit and they also inspired with computer games. In the past year, Indians have purchased some exclusive gaming laptops in the last year. Some of them are really cool stuff. Here we listed out some top ranking laptops of 2017 and their specifications.


The recent invader of the Indian gaming industry rated with 4 for 5. Its thin yet a greater performer. Supported with NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU. It is exclusively designed with MAX-Q design standard.

Prize: Rs. 2,99,999/-

Plus: Slim design, Greater cooling system, Power.

Minus: Screen resolution is just 1080p, Poor Battery life. 


You will get what you pay. The ASUS STRIX was a 15.6 inch full HD gaming world. Supported with INTEL 7th gen with core i7 processor. It comes with 16 Gb Ram, 1TB HDD along with 256 GB SSD, embedded with NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU.

Prize: Rs. 1,36,990/-

Plus: RGB-Bakelite keyboard, Vivid Display.

Minus: Poor Battery Life.


The gaming beast was supported with NVIDIA Ge Force 1060 GPU in a 15.6 inch full Hd screen. the computer was installed with 7th gen INTEL with core i7 Processor. Storage was 6GB DDR4 RAM.

Prize: Rs. 1,29,999/-

Plus: Performance, Design, Prize.

Minus: Screen isn't always brighter enough.


This will enters in top five though its review are 3.5 for 5 especially for its specifications. It supports with MSI COOLER BOOST helps in controlling the heat while gaming. !5.6 inch full HD screen, INTEL 7th gen with i7 core Processor, supported by GTX 1060 GPU and 6GB GDDR5 RAM. 

Prize: Rs. 1,49,999/-

Plus: Metallic Chassis, Cooler boost, Performance, Speakers.

Minus: Prize.

How to get top Gaming Laptops In India

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