Tamil Nadu Class X Board Exam: Why TN Government Wants to Conduct the Exams?

Class 10 Board Exams of TN Might Get Postponed

Class 10 Board Exams of TN Might Get Postponed

Why the Tamil Nadu government is so keen to conduct the class 10 board exams while the Coronavirus spreading spree is in place is the biggest question for many in the state. The Madras High Court is certainly not in the idea of favoring the state government’s decision to conduct the exams and putting risk on the life of younger ones.

On Monday, the state government of Tamil Nadu submitted its statement that this is the right time (from June 15) to conduct the exams while it is not willing to open schools because of the COVID-19 threat. But the Court said that it’d not allow risking the lives of 9 lakhs students for exams. The Court also asks the Government what logic is in conducting class X exams and that there is no willingness to open schools due to the Covid-19 threat. The Court also noted that it is not like opening TASMAC before adjourning the case to June 11. But, will the court put a stay on the government decision is a big question.

To back its advocacy, the TN government took some expert’s opinion that states the state will see the surge in the number of positive cases of Coronavirus by October and November. The count may go up to two lakh in Tamil Nadu, so it is the right time to conduct the exams. Advocate General Vijay Narayan, who advocated for the ruling party, said the exams must be conducted somehow if it is not now, and there is no chance to do the exams.

The Advocate General also asked why only the state board exams are targeted while many CBSE schools are preparing for their Class XII board exams?

On the same Monday, the infected cases in Tamil Nadu rose to 33,229 with a record high peak of 1,562 news positive coronavirus cases. Now the fear of Coronavirus grips the state as the state loosened many restrictions in the present lockdown.

The Government has issued the hall tickets for the class 10 board exams on Monday as it is all set to start the exams from June 15. Many political leaders of the TN, including DMK Chief MK Stalin, are standing against the TN government’s decision. Telangana ruling party dropped the idea of conduction board exams and declared all pass in the state. After the Telangana government’s announcement, MK Stalin asked the ruling party of TN: can’t we do it like Telangana?

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