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What Rajinikanth is Trying to Expose with his Now or Never Mission?

Rajinikanth and his Now or Never Mission

Now or never seems to be the Rajni's answer to his critics of him not to start party after his recent press meet. In many districts, RMM workers are going to all the houses in their locality to inform the people about Rajni's intentions for a corruption-free government.

They have with them pamphlets with "Now or Never" words, and with a target allegedly fixed for thirty days to reach as many people as possible to bring the revolution, Rajni spoke at the recent press meet.

Nearly after two years of confirming to form a party and contest the assembly elections, only on March 5, Rajni met RMM or Rajni Makkal Manram office bearers. Rajni said that he is disappointed about one thing with his office bearers after the meeting to the press.

Rumors started flying high that Rajni is not happy with RMM and will not even start the party. To answer these rumors, Rajni, on March 11, held a press conference only to confuse further not only the party persons but also the public. He said that only after a political revolution coming in Tamil Nadu, he will come to politics.

But on March 16, Rajni used the one-year celebration function of Rangaraj Pandey's YouTube channel to clarify his political stand. Quoting Chanakya for the timing to come to politics, he said that he had sown a seed in Tamil Nadu, and it has now developed into a storm. He said that as soon as it becomes a wave with the help of his fans, it will transform into a tsunami during the election time.

And that is what his fans turned RMM workers are now doing in many districts across Tamil Nadu. Sources confirm that Rajni has spoken with the office bearers explaining his speech during the press meet. He is alleged to have said that he is only saying his principles now for the opposition parties not to attack them.

And he wanted them to be confident and had allegedly given the target of identifying the local corruption issues of the current and former governments. They have to inform the local people to create the wave and then a tsunami. As Rajni expects, will it form a tsunami and even if forms, will he at least then form the party is the big question now.

What Rajinikanth is Trying to Expose with his Now or Never Mission?