What did people of Tamil Nadu think of PM's speech on CoVid-19?

What People think about Pm Modi Speech

What People think about Pm Modi Speech

As India is in critical week 3 of CoronaVirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses his people with caution, stating not to handle the pandemic issue with negligence.

Modi's speech quoted that It is wrong to think that Corona will not affect India. People need to confront Corona with awareness. Do not be ignored. Only go outdoors for essential purposes. PM Modi appeals to people to isolate themselves as much as possible.

On March 22, from 7 am to 9 pm, no one in public can get out of the house. No one should come out except those who work in essential services. It will be a test drive against the coronavirus - PM Modi. He has urged the public to thank the people who are doing the essential work on March 22. Legally it's like a 144 for CoVid-19, and the people of Tamilnadu have welcomed PM's precaution step in the important week of CoVid in India.

Reporting to the public about their opinion on Narendra Modi's address, the public is in zero moods of neglecting the government's effort and, in turn, gives hope to the nation about self quarantining.

From the speech, it is notable that doctors and social workers will engage in screening CoronaVirus on March 22 with a prior notice for the people to be at home within the imposed time with the hope of never missing a single Indian with a sign of building CoVid.

Some are in panic mode, and others just welcome the PM's note with a wow factor stating that one-day examination is not enough, and at least a week quarantine is more essential to eradicate the most dangerous days of CoVid in India.

To be specific, Worldwide, 9,149 people have died of coronavirus infections. The World Health Organization said 2,23,082 people were affected by the disease. In India alone, 173 people have been infected with the coronavirus. The death toll has risen to four.

On unemployed days, companies do not cut down salaries for employees. In the event of an economic crisis due to corona damage, a committee will be set up-Modi advises Indian industries.

This is one most important part of the emergency mission as the laborers' living depends on it, and people applaud with a sound note. After the sharp, precise note of Modi on CoVid-19, many people in Tamilnadu quoted their views and stated that there is nothing big deal to be at home for a day and to engross in viral precautions. Beyond all, CoVid's 3rd to 5th week definitely needs a step, and Prime Minister Modi is on the right path to stop the count.

What did people of Tamil Nadu think of PM's speech on CoVid-19?