Udumalai Shankar murder case
Udumalai Shankar Murder Case verdict: Madras high court today, acquitted the first accused and reduced the death sentence of the other five to 25 years of imprisonment.

Udumalai Shankar murder case accused Chinnasamy, acquitted in the manslaughter case. The Madras High Court today, June 22, 2020, issued an appeal against the death sentence imposed on Kaushalya’s father, Chinnasamy, in the murder of Sankar in Udumalaipettai.

Kausalya, a native of Palani in Dindigul district, in 2015 married Shankar despite caste opposition from her parents. On March 13, 2016, Kausalya and her husband Shankar were attacked by three people at the Udumalpet Bus Stand. While Shankar died tragically, Kaushalya survived with severe injuries.

Kaushalya’s father Chinasamy, mother Annalakshmi, Pandithurai, Palani Manikandan, M. Michael, Selvakumar, Jahadheesan, Tanraj Tamil, College student Prasanna Kumar and PattiVeeranpatti Manikandan were arrested and charged by the Udumalpet Police under various sections including mercenary killing.

Appeals were filed at the Madras Court in Chennai on the death sentence of six persons, including Kaushalya’s father, in December 2017. After hearing from all sides, Shankar murder case came to a conclusion today with the judges Satyanarayana and Nirmal Kumar in the sessions.

The court has overturned the death sentence imposed on Kausalya’s father, Chinnasamy and acquitted him. The court also reduced the death sentence imposed on the other five to life imprisonment. Also, mother Annalakshmi has been released from imprisonment as per the judgement.

The state attorney general said that an appeal will be filed in the Supreme Court against the verdict given by the Madras High Court in the Udumalai Shankar murder case.

Meanwhile, Kovai Karthikeyan and Trichy SathyaTamizhini Prabha of different caste married and lived together in Coimbatore. The girl’s family kidnapped her and a special police team is searching with reference to the CCTV footage.

Though marrying from other caste is not in practice in Tamil Nadu, the arrogance of family members on the couple is one indigestible factor that swallows the lives of many like Kowsalya-Shankar case.